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Hi, it’s Cesar

My passion is motivating students to craft and communicate their personal story because I know first hand how it will transform their life for the better. I also speak to parents and staff about motivating students and coach them through various college processes for the same reason. I speak on these topics at college campuses and high schools and donate half of my speaking fee to QuestBridge Scholars. When I’m not speaking and coaching, I’m a dean at Colorado College and a faculty member in our theatre department where I teach courses in stand-up comedy.

 Zachary Kroger
Zachary KrogerSpecial Projects Coordinator, Colorado College
“Cesar brings a great mix of insight, wisdom, compassion and comedy to his presentations. With so many so-called experts out there, it’s refreshing to not only hear the unique ideas that Cesar brings, but to listen to someone who clearly understands his audience, knows how to hold their attention, and leaves them with a stronger understanding of issues they may confront, as well as practical steps toward resolution.”
Jessica Allison
Jessica AllisonLight The Night at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
“Cesar is funny, plain and simple. But he doesn’t utilize humor to illicit gasps, he uses it to make you pay attention. His natural levity makes even heavy subject matters accessible. Belly-laughs and a few heartfelt tears are a given when you put Cesar on stage.”
Mohammad Mia
Mohammad Mia
"As a student, I knew I could always rely upon Cesar. He always managed to balance thoughtful advice with warm humor and demonstrated a great deal of professionalism and confidentiality, providing safe space for students to file reports or to seek guidance. I am grateful for his mentorship and the countless moments of laughter he has brought to my life."
Judith Colvin
Judith Colvin
“Cesar’s skills and talents impress and impact. His perceptive nature combines humor with purpose to guide and develop students, parents of students and, I would guess, colleagues too. As a parent of an alumna I feel grateful to know and stay connected with Cesar.”

Speaking Topics

For Students (College & College Preparation)

The Power of Your Story: Answering the question, “…tell us a little about yourself?”

For Parents, Staff & Faculty

How to Talk to College Students: Motivational Interviewing techniques, moving from ambivalence to action.